Scottish Highland are considered to be the oldest breed in the world. They originated in the Highlands and Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland. They were primarily used for their meat and trade occurring over the Scottish-English border.

Why we chose Scottish Highland?

There were many factors that went into deciding which cattle breed to buy, but ultimately we chose the Highlands for their docile disposition. While they may have a docile disposition you can never let your guard down around any animal.

Highlands also have a great longevity which reduces the replacement costs, since they are known to live for about 20 years. They can also calve way into their 18th year. Highland cattle are genuinely very healthy and the cows can normally calve unassisted. They have very little to no health issues. A very unique characteristic of Highland cattle is their coat. They have long hair although, here in Texas they shed their coat and it isn’t quite as long.

For Sale

We do at times have calves for sale. So if you are interested or would like to see what we have available feel free send us a message or call.